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SCHROTH Safety Products is a leading global developer and manufacturer of innovative occupant protection systems for use in aerospace, motorsports, defense, and medical transport. The company also provides energy-absorbing and life-saving safety solutions for other critical applications in aircraft and ground vehicles.

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MÜPRO Group is a leading provider of building technology solutions for fixing, sound insulation and fire protection applications. Müpro is a leading fixing technology mainly for the installation of heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment in commercial and residential buildings, industrial plants, and aboard ships, The company has its headquarters in Winterthur, Switzerland and main operations are in Wallau and  Burgbernheim, Germany. In addition, Müpro operates sales offices in 13 other countries across Europe, Middle East, India and Russia. Müpro employs c. 600 employees worldwide.




Uni-Bright offers service-intensive LED solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting. The company serves the Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg markets. The product and service range includes lighting and installation planning, lighting control systems and intelligent networking as part of the “Internet of Things”.


image002 Proled
MBN-PROLED is a specialist in the development, production and distribution of LED lighting. Under the brand names PROLED and MBNLED, MBN-PROLED offers high-quality LED luminaires, controllers and components worldwide. The partnership’s goal is to achieve a leading European position for the company through growth and acquisitions.


Xindao Xindao
(Rijswijk/the Netherlands)
It is a leading designer & supplier in the niche segment for higher-quality functional promotional products / business gifts for the B2B and B2C market, serving 4,500 distributors all over Europe. The Company is focused only on added value steps which provide a real competitive advantage of the entire value chain: Design, Trend Scouting & Sourcing, Logistics, Printing and Sales & Marketing.


Maredo Maredo
Maredo, headquartered in Dusseldorf, has been a leader in the German restaurant market for more than 40 years.
Maredo is a well-known steakhouse chain with strong brand recognition.


dialect Dialect AB
(Stockholm/Sweden) Dialect originated as a buyers’ club for mobile phones in the 1990’s, and has since evolved into an ICT service company focused on servicing SME customers through its 45 business centres across Sweden. The company currently employs c. 340 people (c.550 including the franchise organizations).


image Teca 25
(Schio/Italy) Teca 25 designs, coordinates, and supervises the production of helmet interiors, helmet cover bags, structured bags and other kinds of cases & protective equipment for motorcycles, winter sports, and other outdoor activities. Additionally, Teca 25 has a strong expertise in dealing with carbon and other composite materials for the production of outer helmet shells and other four wheel motorsports-related equipment.


Schuberth Schuberth Holding GmbH
Schuberth develops and manufactures products & solutions in head protection, notably for Formula 1-racing, motorcycles, fire-fighting, industrial safety, police, and the military. Since 1922, Schuberth`s innovations (e.g., first flip-up helmet for motorcyclists, bullet-proof military helmet) have shaped the development of the industry.




Perusa Partners Fund 1, L.P.


trovicor_logo.jpg trovicor FZ LLC
Trovicor offers turnkey solutions enabling governmental organizations to lawfully develop Intelligence from any source of data including all kinds of communication networks. The business holds a leading position in the world market and serves exclusively to governmental clients.


datafusion datafusion Systems GmbH
Datafusion Systems offers multiple-source data-fusion analytics and visualization systems for both public sector and private clients in Europe and the Americas.


(Brand-Erbisdorf / Germany)
Project BEZ, held by ADC GmbH, is a 10MWel. power plant fired by woodchips producing both electricity (feed in tariff) and steam used as process energy.